Mass Customization of Ceramic Tableware

Sep 2012 – present

Project description:
The aim of this research is to allow potential customers to design ceramic tableware elements tailored to their needs and taste. Mass personalization thus enables companies of the ceramic industry to offer unique products and services to their customers, increasing their competitiveness through innovation.
The implementation of mass personalization implies the development of a design system, i.e., a coherent system of rules that can generate objects of a certain type in a particular style. For developing the system design we will study the design of objects, namely shape and decoration, under the light of computational paradigms such as parametric modelling or shape grammars.
The adopted mass customization model also includes an automated production system and a computer system, whose development will have a close linkage with the project design. In order to implement such automatic production system, digital fabrication technologies will be studied, such as 3D printing, and their potential application in the industrial context. Regarding the implementation of the computer system, particular attention is paid to the interaction with the user.

Role and responsabilities:

  • PhD researcher – funded by a Doctoral Studentship from Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
  • Research and development of design systems, such as shape grammars and parametric modelling, that enable designers to create customizable ceramic tableware collections;
  • Research on user interfaces that enable end users to customize such collections;
  • Research on production systems, such as digital fabrication, that enable the materialization of such collections.

Programming: Grasshopper, Racket, Unity (C#)

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